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Originally Posted by mass-klr View Post
I think I laid my KLR down just in time... It had already done a 180 degree turnaround, pointing its nose in the opposite direction and wanted to head home with me. I was not going to accept that so I laid her down. PS. Notice the big tree and downhill ditch I missed...


I'm glad we got out of there in one piece! That stuff was slick and no fun to ride in.

Leon and I ride little thumpers, but my thumper puts more thump into the ground and weighs a lot less too. Whenever I'd see Leon's lights in my mirrors I'd punch it and watch him disappear. Poor Leon was talking about boring and stroking his little 650 by the end of this little ride

Ed told me the rest of the squad could always tell when the coast was clear over a rise because they would see the skid marks from me punching it toward the top of the hills. Next year I'll put knobbies back on and I'll make a rut they can follow

I can't make those Manstrom bikes disappear. Those things fly and Fred does the tight stuff way faster than me. I don't know how he does it on that beast.

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