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Originally Posted by SocalRob View Post
You sold me on turn 4 if I get the grandstand pass. Might just do GA with Paddock Pass.
I've had better luck seeing the riders in Carmel than I did seeing them in the paddock. But get the pass, you're not as lucky as I am.

Spend some time on friday and saturday walking around the track. There's a lot of interesing view points. For sure get up to the corkscrew and watch some from there. I get spell bound watching the riders go through there. The straight between 4 and 5 really do give you a sense of the speed of these bikes. And the sound is spectacular. There's people who find palces to watch over on turns 9 and 10 and enjoy that.
I've always gone with the GA tickets. I've never felt that the extras were worth it. YMMV of course. I prefer to spend my money on a nice hotel and dinners in Carmel.
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