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If you guys knew how difficult it is to get something like this made and carried on broad cast TV you'd be more grateful.

You can tell that Neale is pushing the connection between first world and third world peoples. That's a lot of what MC travel is about in my mind. Some how the bikes make it easier to connect with people. It seems to me it would be better on something like the Travel Channel but I'm sure it was pitched there too. Thanks to Speed for airing it.
It's a little too much Dr. Laura for me but my GF would disagree. Like the Dr. My GF is primarily a track rider with not a lot of dirt experience under her belt. So she relates to her experience.

To focus on this show as motorcycle related is a mistake. The motorcycles are only incidental to the story. BMW saw a chance for some promotion and they took it. Who's suprised about that?

If you want to see something like Dust to Glory / the Dakar Edition you're probably going to have to get out there and make it yourself. And then go pitch it to every chanel out there until you're sick of it. And when it finally does air we can all sit around and take shots at it.
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