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Originally Posted by catfish View Post
The climb up the west end of 4 is getting pretty torn up with bigger
boulders & rock ledges now. This section is labeled blue-intermediate,
but should be black-diamond. I'm glad we got up it OK. Way too
gnarly to stop & get trail photos.

Stopped at Memorial Rock (only one so far) near the top of 4, and then
continued up to the top of Goat Mountain for a break.

The Goat Mtn ridgeline with the infamous Goat Rock in the background

I was amazed how few moto tracks we came across. We laid down virgin
tracks on several trail sections. Had to stop & clear a downed tree near
the bottom of trail 15.

Catfish ...

Yeah, the west end of Trail 4 is certainly difficult going eastbound. We struggled up that with a 950SE and a R100GS a couple of weeks ago. Those of us on "dirt bikes" had an easier time. We didn't take time for pictures, either.
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