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Originally Posted by URNUTS View Post
LOL! Looks awesome, Ara.
Has a great mint/rider feel to it. There's a fine line to doing it and stopping just before the "I'll never ride it" point.
Really, really nice job.
My jug is on and will put the head on tonight- picked up some new nuts for the head and reed cage.
I've specifically not done anything (else) until I know the thing won't explode on the first kick, which I fear it will due to a mistake I made somewhere.
I'll put the new petcock in tonight, too, as I'll need that working..... god willing.
Pray for me.
Thank you, buddy. I am sure your motor will be just fine, and kick ass. I definitely don't have the knowledge to tackle the motor like you're doing. I had to un-bind the rear brake cable today (soaked it with WD40), and worked the dirt or whatever was inside the cable loose. It's now working like brand new. The pads, however, are still the originals but seem to be working ok...for now. All that's left is to connect the new kill switch I had to buy, and clean/rewire the headlight and brake light. Hopefully the Lectron carb will work like I think it will...and if not, I will have to rebuild the original and be forced to mess with the jetting.
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