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Originally Posted by shaddix View Post
How do you know? Maybe you have just gotten lucky so far. I've never been guilty of a SMIDSY either. The experts on this stuff tell us that people who are guilty of a SMIDSY literally did not realize anything was coming despite the fact they looked directly at the rider and were paying attention. Something about a looming effect, a gentle weave in the lane is supposed to help dispel it. Given that information, I look both ways three times and even more as I continue into an intersection. Still may not be enough and someday I might kill someone even being as diligent as possible...

Anyway I think that's the logic behind not charging all the offenders with manslaughter, there was no negligence involved, it is literally a case of an invisible vehicle in the drivers mind and it's a fact of being a human and the way we are wired to see movement.
I agree with your train of thought.
I was hit head on by an older person when I was out riding.She made a left turn right in front of me.
She and her passenger said they never saw me.
It was an accident,and that's about it.
That incident taught me to be defensive at all times.(shit happens)
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