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Posted from: Thistle springs trout & Camp grounds: aka trailer-park boys hangout!

So it's finally started!

Departure is over a week late but the final prepping of the bike took a lot more effort than expected. Especially figuring out where to put out all those damn tools and spare parts. Was hoping that the top rear bag would be empty but ended up having to store some stuff in it. Not super happy about that but oh well; that's life for ya...

So here is Big O all loaded up and ready to go:

And me with the bike,

The bike's odometer showed 19173km at the start of the day. Add to that about 22000km for when the computer was changed: Big O is about 42,000 km old! Ouch! But then, aside from the transmission, his heart is just about new!

Got out of bed early enough, but had a late start as I wanted to tidy up the shed before leaving. I guess I liked spending time in that shed, prepping Big O: when I switched off the lights and gazed at it, all empty and quiet, I felt sad leaving it.

Slowly made my way to Ottawa by way of the 148. Very nice road that follows a river. Bikers out there, if ya looking for a nice ride, check it out. Sorry, failed to take any pictures...

As the 148 goes throught all the little towns, it took close to 3 hours to get to Ottawa. Add the fact that I stopped at MEC for a camel back that would fit my coat, when I finally reached the starting point of the TCAT (trans Canadian adventure trail), it was time to start looking for a camping site. And that's when I was introduced to a magnificent place: Thistle springs trout & Camp grounds! What a shit hole! But it's located right at along the TCAT so it was hard to refuse.

So, today was a nice, if short, relax day of riding with just over 170km covered. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Big O’s version of today’s events:

Well things didn’t start off to good as the moron who maintains me put to much oil in and as a result it was foaming. So we had to go back to the barn and drain some. After that, the day was a breeze: cruising at 50-95kph ended in a rate of 4.9 litres per 100km. Just before stopping for the day, I was caught red handed trying to lose the bolt that holds the gear selector...

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