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First day of off roading on the TCAT

Posted from: Calabogie, Ontario, Canada.

Today started with rain and it didn't let up until the afternoon, and the first part of todays TCAT route was tarmac and gravel roads; in other words boring shit and a bit of a let down. Did come across a town who's name made me smile:

Life took a turn for the better at about 2pm when two things happened 5min apart. First was the rain stopping! And the second was this:

The tarmac and gravel roads finally led to a dirt road and the odds where looking good for some nice trails in the not too distant future. And I was not disappointed! Had some great trails to practice handling Big O fully loaded. The rear tire's traction was simply awesome (Midas E09) but I can't say the same for the front tire (TKC 80). It just floats on the wet mud and gives very little positive traction in gooie conditions. But then that's what I was expecting from them when I got them: I'm hopping they will last longer than a more dirt oriented tire.

So, humming along this hydro line, I came across this reck of a car. For a second, I felt like I was back in the American far west where you see derelict cars in the the middle of the desert just about every 10 feet. But then I noticed a fact that proved beyond a doubt that I was in Canada and not Nevada: the car's body panels where not riddled with bullet holes. It had just been stumped on by what seemed like half a dozen monster trucks.

Had my first pucker moment of the trip but no pics sorry. Came across a water crossing that was the result of a beaver damn. I eyeballed it and figured it would get to about a foot to a foot and a half deep, judging by the height of the beaver damn. Not feeling the urge to walk it and get my feet all wet I ended up saying: fuckit it! This is what I'm here for after all. I'll try it and deal with what ever happens after. So in goes Big O with a hint of apprehension and the water started to rise and rise and rise to the point where it drowned out my exhaust. That was the pucker moment cause the water was real close to being level with Big O's air intake. Luckily, that was as deep as it got and we made it out, true a bit wet and heart pumping, a bit faster but that's it. Not even any water in the air box.

Then came the tripod moment. Last week as I was packing all the shit I wanted on Big O and realizing just how much the bike was gonna be loaded down, I really debated leaving my tripod in the shed. Well, 2nd day out and I'm already happy that i'm carrying that brick:

Every time I look at that picture and smile!

Came across quite a few of these today.

I even saw a sign warning of there presence from Mai to November. They seem to dig holes right in the middle of the road. Go figure. Crazy dinosaurs...

Big O's version of what occurred today:

Today was a blast! Got to play in gravel, water, mud, rocks and even took a shower!
I was simply stunning today! Purred Iike a kitten, climbed hills like they where ant hills, pretended being a nuclear submarine, managed to stay upright regardless of this shitty front shoe I'm wearing! Hell, I was perfect! Well, I did manage to loose (who's fault is that really?) a MSR fuel bottle and my can of chain lube. :/ I just got so excited with jumping up and down up and down down those trails... Dumb ass will just have to secure them better in the future.

Today, we did 188km...

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