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It was a beautiful day for a ride today, so I took the Sportster for a ride to a small but multi-brand dealer to see/test-sit/hopefully ride the CB1100 and Yamaha Bolt. Better late than never, no? There was no Bolt yet for another month, but there was a CB1100. No test ride, but I was surprised how well I (6'5" & 36" inseam) fit on it. Then again, I WANTED to fit on it! My knees were not overly bent, and my knee caps didn't extend past the narrowed section of the tank. A little taller seat would really dial it in (for me).

It is a real beauty. It is compact (it seems a bit smaller than my FJ1200), but it is nicely scaled. It might seem small next to all the stretched cruisers in the showroom, but it really seemed to be "big enough, but not too small".

I don't remember if anyone mentioned the taillight - it looks really nice, slick & chrome-y, but it's kind of a let down when you tap on it and discover it's plastic. I also know I'd have preferred the silver engine that other markets get.

The dealer has only gotten the one bike, and doesn't seem eager to discount. I want to see the Bolt and the new FZ9 triple. I'll want to ride the finalists in the "HapHazard Buys His First Brand New Street Bike Reality Show".

(If I don't just keep buying cheap projects off Craigslist)
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