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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post
I respectfully waterproof Garmin 76csx hasn't gotten used in years since I put my iphone 4 into a Lifeproof case (waterproof). Way faster and easier to move around the maps, way easier to download and store maps, way more free map choices (satelite to robust topo)...I find using my phone far more robust and convenient while being just as weatherproof.
Compare your phone to a Garmin Montana, not the old 76. I have both those GPS units, and have been using phones as a backup since the days of Windows 6.
The 76 is a clunky old unit that's long past it's sell-by date.

Currently I'm running an Android phone, been using Google maps and a few other programs as well.

The Montana also has a wide variety of maps that can be downloaded.
I used mine with no Garmin maps at all in SE Asia.

One thing, battery life and mounts. The Montana goes 16 hours on the rechargeable lithium, and you can use AAs if that runs out of power for an additional 16 hours.

No need for otterboxes or anything else that affects the interface / usability, I use the GPS wile I'm riding and hated the otterboxes I tried.

The Garmin bike mount is pretty solid, no USB connection to wear out like I have had on a phone for bike power.

When I travel, quite often I rent bikes, much easier to get the Montana mounted as 16 hours of battery life means I can ride all day without having to add bike power.

The Montana remains useful off the bike as well. Great GPS for hiking and marine purposes.

You have the option of using marine and waterway maps as well, if you are into things like kayaking.

And the software is still more powerful and user friendly than I can find on a phone.

Plus, the GPS unit is much faster and more sensitive than anything I've seen in a phone, critical if you are navigating a big, built up city.

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