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I'm enjoying the show. Sure we may not be the exact demographics for it, but hey its adventure motorcycling on TV and that's not something we get very often. I'm sure its a pain to bring something like this to TV, so glad we got it and they can only get better if they continue to make it and people like it.

My only beef with the show is why aren't they running TKC's on the bikes? Its not like the tires aren't going to make it the 8 days they are riding and besides they have plenty of support vehicles with them. If I'm not mistaken, they were all on TKC's at the training center? Why train them on the knobby tires and then switch to some more street oriented tire and throw them in sand for 8+ hours and watch them fall over again and again?

Dr Laura has a great attitude and its really cool to see that come out from her as much as she's struggling, but I really wonder if she wouldn't have done better on say the lighter and easier to handle BMW G650GS Sertao? Or even something else? I know she has a lot of track history and such and riding powerful street bikes, but it just seems the show is so focused on off road riding and making the trip, that you would give her the best weapon for her size. She seems to have some height to her advantage, but the F800GS is still a big beast off road for someone her size compared to the lighter Sertao that might have made enough difference for her to do better off road?

Do we know how many episodes it is? I thought I saw 3 mentioned somewhere, but I really hope the final 5 days of riding and the kids at the orphanage don't all get squished into 1 episode.
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