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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
I am leery of advising using a drill. I have seen some seriously F'ed up stuff for that!! A plain old seven dollar seal puller from your local car parts store works perfectly. Then you can use that same puller on just about every seal on the bike and then some. I have two or three modified for particular seals. They work great and are cheap.
Originally Posted by Malindi View Post
I think I'll be able to source a puller here.

After cleaning it up, I pushed back the seal a bit as Anton suggested. You can see there is some gunk build up right where the seal needs to run.

Upon closer inspection, I could see some jagged edges on the lip of the seal near the running surface. I think the heat/not riding combo maybe deadly here and probably deteriorates rubber at a much higher pace than normal. It's been 96 to 105 here over the last few weeks/months where I am ...

Tomorrow I should get the seal. I'm going to an outfit called Riders Corner here, run by a Brit. It's a motocycle hangout/hotel/bar/tour company. The guy seems nice, I bought a Laos map from him the other week. I'll ask him where I can do some maintenance etc. on the bike. .
if you've got jagged edges on lip .. that seal is coming out. there's been all sorts of suggestions on how to pull out seal. what ever you do don't damage steel surface lip of seal rides on.

if you use a standard seal puller like suggested above. there's a possibility of damaging steel sealing surface. using a std seal puller requires you to jam hooked tip between seal lip and steel sealing surface. if tool is harder than steel sealing surface, you could end up with a nasty scratch.

safest method to remove that seal is to use a sharp hook tip tool. take sharp tip of tool, puncture into rubber above sealing lip next to steel rim of seal. then hook tip to steel rim to yank out.

airhead wrangler already posted the safest method using top left hooked tip

good luck on your fab trip!!

be very careful using this type puller

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