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We since the OP has not updated this in a few days thought I would share with the collective.

So the bikes got to my garage on Monday, after they spent the weekend exploring the marvels that are LA

Willingly I might add...

Over the weekend the trailer arrive from MotoMule.

As usual his stuff is top notch, I was done with my work on the 990 and since the tools were already out...

From this

to this

So Monday the bikes are at the garage and Stewy discovers there are electrical issues with the 690

Turns out he was using a thermal switch as a distribution block for the hot side. It was old and due to the age causing it to trigger when power was applied. Think of this as a resettable fuse that is thermally activated.

Well we got that SOB out of there.

After doing some more investigating the wiring was very complex but the connections were sub-standard.

So we spent a couple of hours with the soldering gun and got it all sorted, after soldering all the connections we heat shrunk them, applied dielectric grease and buttoned it all back up.

At this moment they are on their way to Las Vegas, saw them off this morning in the AM before work.

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