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Haven't posted on this thread before. 2010 800GS, white, Jesse panniers, TT fairing, running in the 4k RPM range. Doing back roads dirt and pave, mountain twisties and some highway. HighTechCoonass booster ECM plug. Fill up with bike on sides stand and fill very full each time. Occasional use of either SeaFoam or Techron.

Until last year lived in the Denver area and mileage was about 58 or so. Not heavy on the throttle so that helped some.

Moved to Durango area and have been running 91 octane non-ethanol gas and with same type riding am getting a consistent 72 - 78 miles per gallon. Sometimes ride home from station and then put on a short ride of about 65 miles or so and then hit the station again and barely even able to get a gallon in the tank.
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