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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
This whole thing seems like nothing more than a political move to counter DORNA's heavy handedness with them. Is that the way it is being read?

Certainly Suzuki's performance at the test was quite admirable. That they are 'not ready' seems disingenuous.

From where I sit, DORNA could use the excitement of Suzuki's return for 2014.
Definitely. But there's a couple more factors to consider:

1. they haven't started porting their software to the spec ECU yet. That's just a small matter of programming, but it has to be thoroughly tested.

2. They need a top rider. Only Crutchlow is available for 2014, but he is still a little reluctant. He'd get big money, but the bike is clearly in need of development. In 2015, everyone is out of contract. More chance of nabbing one of the top 3/4/5.

3. 20 liters of fuel is a huge deal. Being competitive with so little fuel takes an enormous amount of R&D, and thousands of small improvements in lots of different areas. All about combustion efficiency and reducing friction everywhere. The reduction in the fuel allocation is basically pricing everyone except for HRC out of the series.
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