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One of the hardest things I've had to do in some time is ride past my favorite camp site in the entire world on my way out. This place books 10 months in advance and it was empty..... it took everything in me to not stop and throw up my tent but I promised my old man that I would buy him a burger and a beer on fathers' day - so there was no way in hell I was going to miss that

you could 80 billionty pictures around here and they would never do it justice

slowly the cliffs faded to flats, and the flats faded to gapes and eventually back to Hwy 101 straight past Cal Poly, which let me tell you on fathers day after graduation was a bloody MESS.

but the 101 wasnt so bad

the main bummer is this area is very heavily enforced by cops so you have no choice but to cruise at 70

things could be worse, no?

the rest of the trip is all slab back to Santa Barbara, and eventually LA so pics would be boring as hell.

the rear tourance took a BEATING. It looks like it was subjected to a trackday or something. It got burned up!

all in all I like Tourances, but they have very little grip on/at the edge..... I had a couple pretty big pucker/slides.....

back to Anakee's next time!

either way, it was a great two day trip. I had a blast. I probably could have done 200 or 300 more miles if I went for a hotel and didnt have to show up for dinner...... maybe ill do a longer one next time?

Hope you enjoyed!

Nice ride. Hows that place up in big sur. Easy ride? Crowded at all? I was recently at graduation for UCSD and yeah, they really need to limit how many people can goto that...
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