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Sheesh, how did I miss this one.

Yesterday took time off to title a new to me bike... motor vehicles says I need to emissions test first. I said no, I just want the title transferred then I'll deal with emissions later, she says nope, emission test first. (New law, all vehicles requiring an emission test must first have the test to title it. Don't understand that new rule... what about buying something that doesn't run?). So off I go to emissions, and fail buy a hair. Then off I go to Dillons place and he tells me to wait till Saturday to title it. I just dealt with 2 city workers who deal with this stuff... you'd have thought they could have mentioned it.

Oh well, at least I don't need to deal with it anymore.

Now for the next WTF moment... I accidentally wrote the date as '03 on my part of the rear of the title for transfer. I then quickly changed it to '13 and initialed it. (I was chatting with someone when filling it out and the year of the bike is '03... that was the reason I think I wrote '03. Turns out that makes the title "altered" and therefore "void" in the eyes of DMV. The title is issued in '10, notarized in '13 by the seller when I bought it. You'd think a simple error like that would be common sense as I clearly didn't sign it in '03... nope! I need to ask (beg) for an "affidavit of error" and hope they give it to me. Other wise I need to pay for a new title, send it to the seller, have him notarize it again and send it back to me. Thank goodness my next door neighbor just retired from DMV and called in a favor for me... and still no promise it will work.

I still wonder about the emissions before titling law. What about the guys who buy a fixer upper? You can't title anything without passing emissions first, and you only have 15 business days to do it.
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