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Originally Posted by robmoto View Post
I am not sure if this is the case or not , but if you put a spacer at the back of the sprocket it might turn and the splines line up and it could work its way over to the counter shaft seal and engine crank case .
Tony T fellow inmate has a BIG and a Cagiva he may be the bloke to get onto from the Barrossa Valley S.A.
Look him up in the wanted section he posted a few day,s ago looking for another Big.
Thanks bud
having trouble with brake lights now aswell might have to go down to dick smith and doctor a momentary switch up hope this bike is worth the stress
I have been getting told lately "NOTHING" to my questions about space and vacuum, I feel I need funding for a project that could have a Noble prize involved. Space is not nothing 84% is dark matter "dark matter seems to be the scientific word for nothing" I have three experiments that need to be conducted. If any millionaires out there would like to fund my projects and riding career please pm me
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