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Years ago when I was on tour, our bus driver was a big time fly fisherman. Incidentally, he was also the tour leader and lead about 50 tour busses by himself all over the US and Canada and never once looked at a map....freakin cool guy.
Anyways, we never knew he was such a fishing freak until one night I woke up and the bus was stopped in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere British Coumbia, in the middle of the night. I got out of my bunk and into the darkness to see what was going on and there was William with his rod. He had only been out there a few minutes but he had already caught a few fish. Moments later he pushed me back on the bus and we were off.
I miss that guy. I'll never forget his name - WIlliam Stone.

Oh and.......gawd! My EEEYYYEEESSS!!!

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