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Originally Posted by sumwon View Post
I wanted to speak a little more to the vibration issues. I have found that I can control the vibrations to a great extent through adjusting the mirrors and finding clean air.
agreed.. My doubletakes vibrated like crazy at first, to the point where my left side mirror would unscrew itself from the perch.. After a while I found it was mostly wind buffeting from the windscreen on my bike.. When I moved the mirror glass further out towards the ends of the bars the shakiness at highway speeds diminished greatly.. This is on a 2007 F650gs thumper with v-stream windscreen..

it's still hard to tell if there's a cop or a cadillac behind me at times but even with the OEM mirrors it was hard to tell what was behind me on the highway.. For visibility I would say these are equal or better (in the right position) than OEM on my bike and a hundred times better when I dump the bike in a mud pit where an OEM mirror would break free at the base these seem to just move to an awkward position. Re-position the mirror and ride on!

When in doubt, gas it. It will either fix the problem, or at the very least end the suspense.

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