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Japan didn't deserve to lose. As they said after the game, Japan doesn't yet know how to manage a game one they're up 2-0. Wide open, not something you often say about an Italy match. Japan looked awfully good and may be the team you don't want to meet at the World Cup next year.

Stutter step is legal as long as you don't come to a full stop. People who do that style flirt with a total stop, but they never actually do it. Personally, I hate it. I say disguise your body language and thump the ball into a corner.

Brutal refereeing, neither penalty was a good call.

For Brazil, two moments of magic from Neymar decided the game. The second was fantastic skill.

Brazil still don't look like a team. They had trouble holding the ball against a spirited Mexico. It's hard to see them effectively beating Spain's press. And their defending still looks panicky. Barrerra tortured Marcelo, who simply couldn't keep up.

Mexico gave a decent account of themselves, although their new 3-man back line fell apart on the first goal. Imagine leaving Neymar unmarked! The effort might have been enough to save their coach's job. But now they have 2 goals in their last 6 matches, only one of them from open play.

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