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next step is to build a small scaffold or trellis frame under the peak and add a few pullys and levers for the ultimate in beer can holding, automated earmuff positioning luxury.

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I didn't know the angle of the peak was adjustable? My peak is stock and looks just like the one in the picture.

Also... I drove the last 10 % of the noise out. I did it by securing the trailing edge of the peak to the helmet by wedging two small blocks of wood between the peak and the helmet (left side and right side) just big enough to take all the flex out of the peek. Now, based on the steel rod bonded around the front and sides of the peek and the trailing edge secured to the helmet body, the peek is very rigid. Now that it works, time to replace the wood shims with something that looks decent.

The helmet is quiet now. Still makes normal wind noise.. but no more of the howling.

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