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Day -2:
Today I thought it high time I made sure that everything I wanted to take was going to fit on the bike.

Here's the way I'm going to be keeping the phone and bluetooth helmet juiced up. This would also be powering the GPS, but the USB connector is dead on it:

This is where I'm going to keep my AV equipment to hand (including the DSLR I'm using to take these pictures), as well how to charge the DSLR. If I'm not charging the helmet, the same cable can be used to charge the GoPro:

In the right pannier I've got my Fat Frog tent, Exped sleeping mattress and pillow:

In the left pannier I've got some flipflops, an MSR stove, a 21" inner tube, an electric pump, two tyre levers (third is in my tank bag as it doubles as a spanner to adjust the chain), a sleeping bag, a camera bag for the DSLR and a GoPro mount:

Bolted to the right pannier is chain lube and a litre of 10W60:

Bolted to the left pannier I've a litre MSR fuel bottle, and 750ml of breakdown assistance The MSR bottle is on the outside so I can fill it up easier when at the petrol station:

On the back I've a fold out chair, and a regular backpack with
  • 4x undergarments
  • 4x pairs of riding socks
  • 2x regular socks
  • 3x long-sleeve shirts
  • 2x riding undershirts
  • 1x pair shorts
  • 1x towel
  • 1x pair jeans
  • 1x trainers
  • 1x sunglasses
  • 1x dental stuff
  • 1x laptop and charger

This set-up works for me as I can get in and out of the panniers without moving the backpack, and when I'm checking into accommodation it's as simple as grabbing the backpack and walking away from the bike as I don't need anything from the panniers. I'll cover my riding gear in a subsequent post.

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