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Originally Posted by ktmdirtybiker View Post
I watched the first two episodes on demand last night. I am assuming that they are going to an orphanage to do some work, a good deed I guess. My question is, would it have been better to take all the money it cost to produce this show, plus all the money these highly paid people could have earned in the time it took to do the show and give it to the orphanage? Then they could hire local people and boost the local economyand fix the building. A friend who works for a charity in Africa told me of a donation to her charity of half a million dollars. A large gift to be sure, then the donor spent over a million dollars telling the world how generous they were.
I am the last guy to tell anybody how to give away their money, but I was taught never to brag about how generous I am in comparison to someone else. Be charitable and be quiet about it. A wise man once said " It is amazing how much you can get done when you don't try and get credit for it".
I will try and watch the rest of the shows and maybe I will feel less jaded by this show. I have never traveled anywhere except the US, but I have seen lots hard working very poor people in my travels in my big truck. If I had been in some of the poorer sections of America wearing three or four thousand dollars worth of clothing in front of people whose clothes are falling apart, I am not sure what my feelings would have been.
Hopefully thus show will get better.
I sure hope you're not holding your breath...
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