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Stuff to do

So I was bored at work and went searching for dual-sport events to attend in the sort-of local area.

The oakley dirt-riders charity hare scramble June 30th, flyer can be found here. I'll most likely be attending and trying to haul my pig around in the newbie class.

Several events within 2-3hrs with the Chicagoland Dualsport Riders can be found here.

One coming up this weekend starting up around Matthews, IN. Afraid I'll have to miss it to hit up the Indiana Rallycross event at the Badlands.

You'll see me at the Fox Valley Offroad Overnighter III on july 13th, sounds like a blast.

Also, last weekend I went up to chicago to check out the Mods Vs. Rockers vintage bike/scooter show. When I found out it was the same price to spectate as it was to enter a bike, you better believe this happened:

Suffice to say I did not win the vintage japanese class, haha.

I did have one dual-sport comrade at the show:

As I was leaving on Sunday, my carbs decided that they wanted to dump fuel everywhere instead of metering their fuel intake. Those gluttons.

Cue up 3 hours of this, trying to figure out why the float wasn't working correctly:

Turned out to be pieces of RTV stuck in the needle mechanism for the float. How the hell that got in there, I've no idea. But, it was fixed. And I got very proficient at stripping the bike down and pulling the carbs, heh. Good times!
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