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H14 and Campcook wandering aimlessly 2-up

I bought my first bike a DR650 in 2008. At the time I never could have dreamed the places it would take me and all the friendships that would be made. Three years later I get a deal on a DL650 I just could not pass up. To help smooth this over with the wife I told her about all the great trips we could go on together (like that was going to happen, but it sounded good to her and I got the bike).

About a year later after watching me go on trips she starts shopping the ADV flea market for gear. Summer gets here and we do an overnight trip to Gettysburg, PA and two nights at Goosecreek's camp out in Moneta, VA.

Two things I started to realize were, I wasn't the only one with a passion for this, and when we got away from worrying about raising kids and the pressures of paying bills and just being out on the bike together we really enjoyed being with each other.

She teaches so she has the summer off. We're planning several overnight trips to the mountains of VA, WV, MD, PA, and who knows we might even venture out farther eventually.

My buddy JaxObsessed has an ongoing thread in DayTripping and I'd like to follow his lead and do something similar. No promises on entertainment value or quality photos but I'm sure we'll have a story to tell.

In the meantime, let's go to Maine and eat some Lobster........................................... .....

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H14 and Campcook wandering aimlessly 2-up
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