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Add fuel filters. Good and simple investment as a bike ages. Bings are good about tolerating dirt but no need to tempt the fates. Pop the carb bowls and have a look, if there is crap in the bottoms, definitely add the small conical filters. Dirt on the end of filler hoses at gas stations can be an issue. Like restroom door handles, you never know about the last guy. You have screens in the tank that will pick off flakes of tank lining and other big stuff. Fuel lines are likely due for replacement anyway. I replace mine ever other year or so.

Removing the EGR emissions system is a popular mod. Simple and you can keep all the bits in a box if you want. The bike runs better. Total emissions increase but if you compare total emmissions/miles traveled in a year, you're still a good citizen.

Quit worrying and ride it. Perhaps check the clutch adjustment and definately set the controls to match your feet. If it goes into first with a nice Clunk, you're golden. It should do this at rest and you might slip the clutch just a bit to line up the shift dogs. It doesn't have the fancy syncros of a car transmission.

Check tire pressures, especially the front. Handling should not be heavy. If someone has fitted an oversize front tire then it will be heavy.
Thanks for the tips, I have now read up on the emissions mod. I will do the fuel filters and stop worrying about the gears. Tires are fine, new and full, it's just me getting used to the bike. Plus I haven't ridden a bike in over 20 years. I'm showing pictures at work like some proud father.
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