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Neither of us have been to New England so we decided we would do a loop over ten days through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Pennsylvania.

Friday night we loaded the bike and went to bed early since we had a 400+ mile day ahead to get to Marathon NY. I spent most the night wide awake mind racing going over every detail for about the hundredth time and thinking how good it would be to get a good night's sleep. I guess this happens to everybody before a big trip, it happens to me every time.

We head out Saturday morning following the remnants of tropical storm Andrea. We chased rain all the way to New York but never got wet. Our goal for the day was just to knock out miles and get closer to Vermont. 422 miles later we get to Marathon NY and check into the Three Bears Inn(thanks Old Lion). After unloading the bike I turn the key to the wheel lock position for the first time since owning the bike. What I didn't pay atention to was, one position past wheel lock is park. If you take the key out in that position the taillight stays illuminated and that's what I did.

So our Sunday morning starts with a jump start.

We're good to go now honey, I won't do that again I promise.

I told Rhonda we really needed to get some shots from the bike and the job was hers. She tried it and said it scared her to death and she wasn't going to do it. So for your viewing pleasure here is our one and only "on the fly" photo of the entire trip.

As we rode through the Adirondacks the cloud cover finally started to break up and it turned into a perfect day to ride.

We rode by the Olympic Jumping Complex in Lake Placid. These people must be crazy, I had no ideas these things were so high until I saw them in person.

On the way from Lake Placid to the Essex-Charlotte ferry the road got real twisty and I turned my head hard to the left to check out something. When I tried to turn my head to get my eyes back on the road my head won't turn, my helmet is somehow caught on the collar of my jacket. In a brief moment of panic I turn my head as hard as I can, I hear a pop, my helmet frees itself from my jacket, and my brand new intercom setup stopped working. Apparently my intercom unit mounted on the helmet had caught on my jacket collar and when I snapped my head around it broke the mount. So after only one day with these brand new intercoms this is now how mine is mounted to my helmet.

Next up, ferry to Vermont.
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