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Originally Posted by oz97tj View Post
Dumb question time...

How does one get a copy of the above magazine? I subscribe to Cycle World but have seen no mention of this special issue. Ive searched online and cant find much either. Even CWs website doesnt really mention it.
I believe there is a thread on it, and the magazine is on newsstands now.

Originally Posted by freefall109 View Post

I would say there is market for the 800 series. I can't think of aftermarket cutout cases made for my tiger, or I'd have bought them.
My thoughts too. Holan makes a set, but from what I'm told they're just about unobtanium. I used to import them, and the lack of a supply was a contributing factor as to why I dropped the entire line.

Originally Posted by Hikertrash View Post

I'll be putting the Globescouts through the wringer next month during a 2 week/2500mi trip through the Great Divide Trail. I know I'll be dropping the bike quite a bit, so we'll see how well they hold up. I'm still loving mine after 4 months of use.
Wow, that sounds like an awesome trip -- I'm very jealous. Please let me know how well they hold up.
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