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3 weeks ago I was at a buddies house and he was welding up some 1/8 inch thick mild steel using a DC tig inverter machine. He was using thoriated tungstun with 15 cu ft flow of pure Argon. This was outside; not in a confined space.

I noticed after 5 minutes of intermittent welding a strong smell of ozone, but didn't think anything of it. 30 minutes after he started welding I went home.

On my way home, I felt strange; my chest felt tight and I had a hard time getting a breath. I could move air in and out but it didn't feel like my lungs were processing much of it. I thought I was going to pass out. It took 3 days before my breathing came back to normal. My mouth had a metalic taste during that time.

The next week I watched him weld some more but this time I stood 25 feet away. I noticed my chest felt tight but not as much as the first time and it only took a day for my breathing/chest tightness to return to normal.

I never experienced this phenomena before even with co2 MIG welding.

My buddy thinks I'm overly sensitive to Argon. What sayest you?

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