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Part 3 is up. I noticed about halfway down the section after the campgrounds that my battery was done. I switched them out and put them on the charger but I swapped to burst stills and single pic mode until we hit pavement again. The park ranger or w/e in the vid was flipping his ticket book as if to warn off potential violators or else he was just plain bored of talking and wanted to get back on the trail. The people camped next to the spot where the ranger was smelled as if they just finished a "Smoke Break", so either way someones day was about to go south. The yellow gate in the vid is significant in that it gets a little more technical after the gate, not balls to walls wild, just a little funner.

Did I mention we were hungry? So after about 25 miles and 1.5 hours or so we have been telling ourselves we would just get to Shelter Cove, Eat, then rework our route so we could make it home in time. We pop out onto pavement with a sign that said Shelter Cove 12 miles north. Highway 101 25 miles north. We looked at each other and then discussed how even if we did make it to Shelter Cove there is no guarantee of food there. We bailed out on what looked like a road heading South east and a sign saying Hwy 101 22 miles. We could find food in Redway, or garberville, hell anywhere was going to work.

It didn't take long to hit Redway on pavement and the road is definately cool. Briceland is the name of it and its just a cool little road. It even has a small stretch of big Redwoods. We found the first place that was selling some type of processed animal and parked. Outdoor seating? Win! I ordered a double bacon burger..Why not. curly fries and a coke. The chick looks at me and says uh our patties are 1/2 pound each you still want the double? I took all of 5 seconds to assure her I was ok with the double. $17 was steep but I could care less. Cost always goes out the window when your hungry anyway.

I did not bother to take a before and after pic of this because the plate was polished.

Back on the road after a nice break and we find ourselves back at the Drive through tree road...No we didn't don't worry... We didn't have time to take Hwy 1 to fort bragg 45 miles away and ride an unknown dirt section back to the 101. So we stayed headed south on 101 to where the dirt section pops out. It is definitely worth riding as it parallels Hwy 20 and well is..dirt.

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