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Finally I got the handlebars that I wanted from the start. Nice rise and 900 mm width for good control on the gravel and snow.

I got me a nice handprotectors with integrated led blinkers. I am not to sure about the functionality of those in the case of fall, but they said that they are made of virtually indestructible plastic. I hope I don't find out the limit of the "virtual" part :-)

One of the biggest concerns on the bike the previous owner "modified" were the headlights. They were some H11 sets from a toyota pickup truck, and there was no low beam, only double high beam which drained a lot of power and couldn't get MOT pass :-) So I found an really sexy looking peace of a headlight. It has a led ring around it which is a running light, and a standard H4 low/high beam pattern. I think that it is a bargain for a 100 euros :-)

This is how it will look like at night :-)

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