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Originally Posted by Martin_404 View Post
Just saw the youtube teaser and am not going to watch this series.

NEALE BAYLY RIDES Trailer from Neale Bayly Rides on Vimeo.

At the end, one of the guys makes a remark that only a rich snob (he ownes an IT company) could make : "how does a kid end up in a orphanage? How does a parent do that to somebody?"

Yes, these parents must have been enjoying their brunch one day and decided "why not put my child in an orphanage, so I can play golf"
Or "you know what, today is a convinient day to die"

These dumb poor people make such stupid choices and career moves.
They are jusk asking for it.
Look at me, I'm doing fine, so why can't they?
I saw that too. It made me swear. Then I realized it might be an edit by some idiot producer... either way someone has no clue.
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