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Day 5 of my Uship listing - 1 bike from Phoenix, AZ to Memphis, TN.

No bids first 3 days. Day 4 I upgraded my listing and paid the $9 fee.
This AM I got my first bids as follows...

$949 - Open Transport (2 weeks for delivery)
$945 - Closed Transport (3 weeks for delivery)
$899 - Open Transport (3-4 weeks for delivery)

And a 4th shipper that sent me a message and said he could put my bike
in the back of his pickup truck and have it to me in a week or less for...

??? Are you kidding me. I shipped 2 bikes on this same route last
year for $425 and $450. Both off Uship in enclosed trailers. What are
they all smoking???

(and please don't chime in and tell me "gas and diesel have gone up")
Not THAT much.

Must have all adjusted their rates upwards in preparation for Obamacare.
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