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So, we got back this last Sunday after riding from GA to CA. We did about 3k miles and spent 3 days in Arizona and 3 in Texas with one night in Mississippi due to storms. MY wife had some issues in Texas with the heat and we stayed an extra night in Amarillo, while she was re hydrating in the hotel we check out the high plains museum, it was pretty awesome. I'll post a few pics and links to the albums so you can check them all out.

This pic was just neat, my wife took like 80 shots of us on the road and this was by far my favorite.

Some pics from Sedona, this was my favorite part of the trip. Sedona is amazing, if you ever get the chance go there.

Spot the inmate! Yes I lost my sandals somewhere along the way and spent the entire trip in my Stivali Torque boots. The damn pig has more hair than me.

Here's some from the Grand Canyon. I got sick due to the altitude, I live about 50' above normall, 7200 didn't do me any favors so I didn't stay long.

Some pictures of us with my Grandpa and my Great uncle.

The bikes in Brandon Miss. We stopped short due to some nasty storm clouds that were brewing.

This is my dad, he took me out to an Irish pub in Atlanta. It doesn't have anything to do with bikes, but my dad is awesome.

Here's some pics from the plains museum, there are a lot more in the album. These are just a few of my favorites. The rest are here:

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