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Day 9

I left the iron horse campground and headed straight to 'The Tail of the Dragon'. 11 miles of tight twisting tarmac. :)
I got there and I was amazed at the number of people, bikes, and cars in the area. Especially for a Wednesday.

I stopped at the bottom and looked around at a few bikes and said hello, but I was itching to try the road.

I set off at a steady pace, but the road just got better and better, so by the time I was a mile in, I was really giving it some. Hanging off the inside of the bike to try and stop the boards from grinding too much. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole way along.

There were photographers along the way and I managed to find myself here. There are a few more either side of this one too, which show the limited lean this bike has.

I got to the end and turned around and happened to bump into a couple of other Brits. Father and son who were doing the same as me but had set off a few weeks ago.

On the return down I was going to give it some again, but at the second or third corner in, there were crowds of people waving to slow down. I came round the next corner and there was some guy laying on the floor at the site of the road. He was alive and moving but looked like he was in a lot of pain. He was riding a Harley and only had a t shirt and skull cap helmet on. : I didn't stop as there was already a huge number of people, so thought it best to just get out of the way.
After seeing that I definitely slowed myself down as I want to see the rest of the country and not the inside of a hospital ward.

I then went to find Two Wheels Only campground. I rode around the area where I got the address for, but there was nothing to be seen. I had been told it closed down and moved to another location in the past, so maybe I had the wrong address. I went to try and look it up again but i had no signal on my phone. :mad:
It doesn't turn out to be a problem though as just around the corner there was a state campsite. it had no facilities, but it was somewhere to lay my head for the night.

I have to share my camp ground with a massive spider though!

I'm not usually bothered by spiders, but I definitely left this one well alone.
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