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simmah down dude... perceptions and misperceptions work both ways, especially in print...& have done just fine on track so far, including instructing for HPDEs (and flying for Uncle Sugar) for many years.

Sorry I missed the joke, been spending too much time in the basement I suppose... Still happy to bring ya to the track...make your way to the hill country & I'll treat you to a day at our local track on me. Moving on...

OT: Got the flyer for the new Cayman sent out to current owners today and went to the 981 launch at the local dealer here last month. Gotta say that despite my love for my 987's curves I love the way the new Cayman looks in profile. Slowly getting sold on a Panamera for the next Daddy Car too...had one on loan for a week while my car was in for service and it proved to be pretty damn useful hauling the family around.

Met more of my neighbors who stopped by to see the Panamera and wanted me to take them for a ride this week than with either of the little track toys in the year we've been living here since moving back from Germany!
I had to look up that track , never heard of it. Another reason to move to Austin.
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