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I tried coming back home with my big, but it was running so poorly - it was such a challenge, and I had plans to get away for the weekend...

Anyhow, eventually I got back, pulling the choke on/off trying to figure out if it was running rich or lean. And a few moments later everything was off, the diaphragms were ok, needle clips were ok (i took the chance to lower the needle from 3rd to 4th position as the manual suggests for the 32D2). I was about to start removing the carb, removed the vacuum pipe and I saw it being wet inside.
I tried to pump a bit with my mouth - and got so much petrol. gross.

Anyhow, turns out the replacement diaphragm barely lasted 1kkm. Found the old one, which was still in tact, and it runs perfectly again. 200 km done, works like a charm, and with the needle lowered by 1 position - much better. My weekens plans are on again
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