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We get to the bottom of Mt Washington and we are only 12 miles from Timberland campground in Gorham, NH where we are planning to camp. The weather reports say a system is coming overnight bringing two days of rain. We're both ready to stop for the day but we know every extra mile we ride today will be a dry mile versus a wet mile tomorrow. We decide to push on another 90 miles to Rangeley Lake State Park in Maine.

These signs started getting a little worrisome especially once evening started approaching.

And they weren't kidding.

What was really unnerving were the moose warning signs with flashing yellow lights saying use caution high moose collision area next 17 miles.
I noticed in Maine they will have a couple mile stretch with moose crossing signs then the next couple miles with deer crossing signs. So riding along on the bike I'm thinking, so deer don't cross where moose cross? Because I busted this guy in a moose crossing zone.

Couple hours later we get to Rangeley Lake, set up the tent, eat dinner, and wait for the rain to come.

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