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Hey we got pretty big standards pal.

First time i thought about it,i was sitting in front of Nates 40ft rig with 2 Bergs and a ADV in it,which was parked next to Aarons sprinter with a SE and 550 Berg in it,which was parked next to Scotts Sprinter with a SE in it next to my new truck and trailer with my 400EXC on it.
The collection of KLIM and Arai there was worth more then my first truck.
I thought,,"Hunh,,,Ghetto".

Frans trailer should be brought out back and shot.....
Hope your Tetanus shots are up to date.
"Hes not called the Angry White Man for nothing,much more fitting then the,Unicorn Clouds and Happy Trees Man".... UpST8

Theres a name for people without beards,"Women".
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