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Amazing Tasmania at its best

At every turn in Tasmania and believe me there are many of them, you are constantly amazed at what appears. This area from Westerway into Strathgordon is wilderness, true wilderness. Its beauty is undeniably stunning. I've watched on TV over the years, the debate whether the extinct Tasmanian tiger is actually extinct or not. Well, the impenetrable forrest you ride through here could indeed host not only the tiger but a whole range of animals that you wouldn't be aware of!

I have to admit, without getting all political, I saw and felt full reason why the 'Greenies' are jumping up and down, suspending themselves from trees to protect these last vestiges of natural wonder. I challenge anyone to ride through this wonderland and not be moved, be it either the awesome twisting road or the amazing landscape or in fact both! Do yourself a favour and ride it!

We rode through to the end which terminated at the feat of engineering called the Gordon Dam. The lads we had left behind in Southport soon arrived. They brought with them a fast, crazy, crusty long bearded bloke with his long haired Jack Russell (with riding goggles) on a stock standard Suzuki DR650, to enjoy the surrounds with us.
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Dam panorama.
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Who thinks these structures up?
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From the other side of the wall looking back. The service rail car would have to prove to have bloody good brakes before I'd hop into it to go down...
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More panorama, looking back from the wall top.
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Too far down to see the bottom.
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Hydro and the road bike lads headed back to our accommodation at the converted construction town of Strathgordon which now is refurbished for tourist lodging. With the friendly couple running it when we stayed, it promises great meals, drinks to quench any thirst and clean accommodation.

I stayed on and wandered back slowly to soak it all in, stopping at other lookouts and investigated a few tracks.

Looking out over the Pearce Basin of Lake Gordon.
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Now I'm going to get all "heeby jeeby" with you again but I feel there is no other way to explain what I felt sitting up on a rock at this lookout by myself, not a soul around with such a vista before me. It was one of those moments where you're moved with emotion, tears well up, smile on your face, filled with a real, real good feeling and content beyond belief. It was very satisfying, I was so far from anywhere I knew, doing what I really wanted to do and feeling pretty fortunate to be doing it. Yes, I was content beyond belief.

I don't think you have to go to Lake Pedder to experience what I went through, journeys and adventures like this evoke cool sensations of awareness regularly. I urge you all to get really out there somewhere on your bikes. Its awesome, inspiring, breathtaking, majestic and sometimes over-whelming.
(N.B. No alcohol or drugs were consumed before the last text was written, just a motorbike ride was undertaken!)

Riding in to a empty lookout, seeing Tasmanian wilderness at its best. Click to watch.
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I assure you, not even a panoramic photo can take in everything to see and experience here...
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