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Interesting topic!! Im 24 got my 800GS cos a mate and my old boy were getting into it when I was 23, and like others here, I have been the youngest on every ride i've been on (although i'm working pretty hard on getting some mates to get adventure bikes and come along - cant let the old fellas have all the fun!!)... Come from a bike riding family though so been on motorbikes since i was 4 and have pretty much had one of everything.. Once I got on the Beemer though I sold the roadie and just enjoy the little 800 on everything! Just as fast in the twisties if you want to be, 10x more comfy and then you can go via some trails to home if you want.. Thats my appeal for the adventure segment..
Tend to agree with others on here that say younger ones dont get into it much due to either lack of exposure or you need to get the aggressive stuff out of the way first haha
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