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That's good to hear. My Scorpion EXO-700 will be due for replacement in a while and I didn't want to spend the money on Shoei or Arai. May have to give this one a try.

Originally Posted by browneye View Post
Since there is basically zilch reported on this helmet I thought I would give a review in the case some of the inmates here might benefit from the 411 on them.

For some time I've been shopping for a new helmet for riding my Tiger XC. I have a AFX FX-39 dualsport helmet that performs satisfactorily for what it is. But it's too noisy and not comfortable enough for long hiway stints. The big advantage of any of the DS helmets is that you can wear regular goggles, then close the shield right over the goggles for hiway or high speed running. I've put about 6K miles on my FX39.

I looked seriously at the Shoei Hornet, even found one new in the box at a super deal. I just love Shoei helmets. But there are just too many complaints about the peak being too short, and that any of the DS helmets are not that great on the road. I'm too cheap to spend the $$ for a Ariai XD and anyway they suffer from the same issues at high hiway speeds and long distances on the road.

I also have an older ZOX road helmet that was cheap when new and has performed quite well over the years. I have about 20K miles on this helmet. ZOX even gets good reviews on webbikeworld. So I finally decided to just get a decent road helmet and some good motorcycle glasses to wear with the shield up for that 10-15% of dirt roads I do with my XC. I also have a flip-face or modular helmet as they call them, an HJC Symax and it's just 'okay'. Not good enough to spend dough on another one. When I bought it the dealer talked me into a medium size when I always wear a large, telling me it should fit snug. Well guess what? It's too damn small, so the wife gets to wear it and it's great for her odd stint on the back of the bike. I decided I wanted a solid full-face helmet as they are purported to be the most quiet and lightest weight.

Now on to the new Scorpion model - EXO R-410...with Snell and DOT approvals.

The new R-410 is an update to the R-400 that has been out for awhile from Scorpion. I kept hearing about this brand and that riders were quite happy with them. Middle of the road price, lots of good features, comfortable, most bang for the buck. A common complaint about the old model was the funky shield attach mechanism and that it would pop out, was hard to operate. The R410 has a new quick-attach mechanism that looks more like something you would see on other higher end helmets, more conventional. It works exceptionally well, and has a lever on the left side that will pop the shield out like Shoei does for venting, or going the other way it locks the shield closed.

They also updated the shell, not sure how many sizes, but somewhere I think I heard there is one for each size to keep them properly sized, but in any case it's very light and aerodynamic.

I have a more narrow head shape than round. A Shoei (I have had several, MX as well as street) always fits me very well, as does an Ariai. This new Scorpion fits absolutely fantastic. It is one of the very most comfortable helmets I have ever tried. The new Bells are really nice, a lot for the $$, but I get a pressure point just above my forehead at the top of my head. This is common for me with most brands. For most of them I have to put extra padding at the top of my head to provide more room for the front of my noggin. Of course a $900 Arai fits just great!

Another great feature are the cheek pads that are shaped to accept glasses. This is a biggie for me because half the time I wear prescription glasses. When I wear my contacts I want to be able to fit those foam-backed glasses for off pavement segments. This helmet is MADE for glasses. While looking at this section of the helmet it's also worth noting that it is setup for a communication system. There are deep pockets for speakers, and of course earbuds will work with plenty of clearance as well. This contrasts from my AFX dualsport helmet - there's not room for anything at your ears. I have a SENA system that will work just great with it, and I often listen to an Ipod with earbuds.

I put a few miles on with it today on my commute - it is really quiet - compared to any other helmet I've tried. I can't compare to a other higher line helmets, but it's lightyears better than anything else I've owned. Including the Symax.

It vents REALLY well. So well I closed the top vents at mid-70 temps because I was getting such a blast of air to the top of my head. This helmet is going to be fantastic when the temps reach high digits. Vents are super easy to operate even with gloves on, simple toggles that are easy to locate. Same for the chin vent - easy up/down vent cover. I've had helmets with vents that were hard to operate even looking right at them without gloves on. This is a real bonus feature for me.

Shields are anti-fog, I ordered a dark tint along with the helmet, carry the clear for the odd nightime ride or when I get caught out. Clarity is outstanding, detents are good, it's easy to operate, all in all as good as expected.

Fit and finish is outstanding, padding is very comfortable, and the fit. Oh my, I should have done this a long time ago.

The solid colors run about $160, fancier styles a little more, but this helmet is a genuine bargain. I don't usually post about run of the mill gear, but this helmet is way above and beyond my expectations.

EXO R-410 helmet from SCORPION

07 SV650s (red)
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