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Originally Posted by tastroman View Post
My ENT has me on a Diuretic to help with fluid retention in the middle ear along with low sodium and cutting out caffeine and alcohol. I think I could ride with the dizziness but when the vertigo comes on I know I should not be on a bike and the problem is, I have no idea when it will hit. I've been having 0-4 episodes a day usually lasting less then a minute.
I am happy to read that you are still riding. Hopefully my symptoms will subside and I can get back out there.
Although there is no heredity link (that my ENT knows of), my two brothers suffer from Meniere's as well. My older brother also gets no warning of his pending attacks.

I hope the medication and change in diet can control your symptoms. I know during my attacks, the only thing that helps is to close my eyes and try and get to sleep to relieve the symptoms.

All the best for you. It's not easy going low sodium is it?

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