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I was diagnosed with meniers about 20 years ago. The doctor wanted to cut the nerve to one of the semicircular canals in each ear. This was going to eliminate one axis of my balance permanently. I did not have it done.

About 15 doctors later, it turns out about 3 suggested I was eating something I shouldn't be eating. Darn, I thought, I have a real problem and these quacks were trying to change my diet.

Long story short, and one more doctor, it was caused by food sensitivities. Change in diet and no more vertigo, dizziness, spins, headache. All gone. AND, I can bring it all back by eating the wrong stuff.

Wheat causes my problem. All I have to do is lay off ALL wheat and wheat products for about 10 days.
Sudefed would stop the vertigo and spins in about 15 minutes, gone, just that fast.
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