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Holy Shit. Admittedly I haven’t read this entire thread, but what I have read is pretty hellish. My heart goes out to you and your family. I somewhat understand what this is like.

On Feb 10 of this year I went head on with a drunk driver. We were both going about 50 mph. She was totally out of control and entered my lane. I was launched, according the police report, about 100 feet up the road. I was busted up pretty bad, but nothing compared to your story. Like you I owe my life to first responders and kind by-standers. I too was taken by helicopter.

I sustained a compound fracture to my right tibia, a shattered right fibula, broken sacrum, bilaterally shattered pelvis, broken right radius (my human anatomy has improved), punctured scrotum, and ended up with compromised vision. My left eye doesn’t work so well any longer. The Ophthalmologist has determined my vision damage is likely rooted in my brain rather than the eye. I was also bleeding internally, so the fact that I was in the ER approximately 30 minutes after the initial impact was very fortunate.

I have new found respect for health care workers, nurses in particular. I owe my life to many very amazing people.

I’m approaching 5 months since my accident and I’m walking and working part time, however I'm still undergoing physical therapy. When I look at the photo’s from the crash site taken by the CHP, I don’t understand how survived, let alone, made it through with no severe brain or spinal injuries. This fact really perplexes me.

My experience has proven to be extremely challenging mentally. I don’t understand how I made through. I write this not as a pissing contest, but to vent to someone who understands. I feel compelled to tell everyone I see about my accident, and when those I do tell respond trying to comfort me, I get angry. I want to yell – No you don’t “understand” or no you don’t “get it”. You have no idea. Anyways I’m ranting.

I was in shock when I read your first post, it really took me back to my accident. Again, my heart goes out to you. You have been dealing for almost 2 years with what sounds like more to go.

Stay strong.

EDIT: I should add, I was geared up. I also owe my life to my helmet and modern gear.
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