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The big day arrives! It's just a track day but it's my first time and you know you always remember your first

There's a few other n00bs although I'm by far the oldest. I wonder what the other riders think about having this old, fat woman in their midst. One of the experienced riders is going to lead us around the track for a few laps so we can follow his lines. I'm nervous even though this is a no pressure situation, I don't really know why. I consider myself an intermediate rider and I can ride fast (I think). I scrape the pegs on the Wee from time to time and there's no chicken strips on it's tires. I've been riding the WRX quite a bit and I'm comfortable on it, why am I nervous? Maybe just because it's a new situation and people are watching

We set off on what's supposed to be a moderate pace and it isn't long before I realize I'm totally out of my depth. Soon I'm all alone. At least I'm mature enough to ride my own ride and not push myself to keep up. And I'm having a great time! I love this! I do start to speed up as I get used to the track but I still get lapped OK, let's go a little faster then. I come around a sweeping turn into a tighter turn into the pit lane, grab some brake and now I'm sideways! That's not a good feeling. Somehow I avoid the high side, straighten out and keep on going. A few laps later we're called in - it's over way too soon! I'm so stoked I can't stop talking, it's a total high (not like I'd know )

Thinking it over afterwards there's a few things I realize. Unlike street riding I need to keep my revs much higher and not shift so much. I need to brake later and get on the gas faster in the corners. I also get a few pointers about handling the bike, not to try to muscle it around so much and to look through the corners more. Next time I'll do better, but when is that going to be?
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