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Day 6
Minden, Ontario

Got up and noticed that the day was shaping up to be gorgeous and that I was in the mood to take it real easy, so decided to stay put for the day and take care of a few things.

Started by getting a hair cut. You know: to be presentable for church. We've been good and devout on this trip, so far, going to mass just about every second day...

This time, we prayed for duck-tape and a mini MP3 player so that I caould start on those Spanish lessons while careening down dirt roads. And contrary to most deities, mine always answers prayers when accompanied by an offering...

With the roll of duck tape, affixed a few bills and a plastic card under the seat. A bit of a Bitch to get at without tools, but then, that's kind of the point.

Also finally took the time to properly setup Big O's rear suspension. 1pm and all done! The remainder of the day was spent basking in the sun, reading, Spanish, playing guitar (yup, I have an electric guitar with me) and getting better acquainted with my friend Talisker, who's been lovingly taken care of by Big O since we left 6 days ago.

Starting to feel like this is camping when your supper looks like this!

Big O's take on today
Was nice basking in the sun all day, being pampered and not having to wonder if I'll be scuba diving in a leech infested swamp at every turn! Even though I am partial to a good mud bath! Speaking of which, I hope I get to play in some tomorrow...
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