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Originally Posted by HappyForNow View Post
One bike for pure dirt riding.
One bike for pure street touring.
One bike for tooling around town
Not enough of a list. I also want a dualsport or dualsports. "Pure" dirt means I have to truck it to dirt and I don't necessarily want to do that. (Also for me, I don't have a desire for a "pure" street touring bike.)

Right now I have a 990 Adventure for road-oriented dualsport, and a DRZ-400 for dirt-oriented dualsport. I used to have a GasGas 200EC (two stroke) for the woods but I am too much of a dualsporter to want a dirt-ONLY bike.

If I lived in different circumstances maybe I'd want one. Like if good dirt was hours away but there was 1,000 miles of trails once I got there. Instead, I live where the best dirt in the state is minutes away but I don't stay in it all day. So dualsport works for me.

As for tooling around town, I used to have an Aprilia RXV-550. I think the supermoto version of that bike would be awesome for ripping "around town". But you'd want to be ATGATT for that. And that's not the 2-wheeler to be running errands and picking up groceries on.
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