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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
hey Kevin,

if Campcook liked the northeast, she would really like it up here...reporting from Valdez.

you better get more maps.
Alaska is somewhere on the list Dave. We need to get back to Maine and cover the spots we missed this time due to the weather. And there's Nova Scotia and then there's the need for funds to finance this. We're learning and I'm sure we could of had just as good of a time on less money if we did it again. Have a safe trip up there, I'm enjoying you RR.

Originally Posted by badguy View Post
This is awesome Kevin! I wanna be like you and iDave someday.

Guess that means I'll eventually have to get married...
I want to be like you! You're like the coolest person I know even though you where pink goggles.

Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
Quoted for prosperity reasons

Campcook--Guess the next step is for H14 to find you a little bike of your own
Yes, she is quite the seat hog.
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